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Innovation is Our Purpose

Innovation is the real purpose of mankind. Buckmister Fuller called it anti entropy. He said that the universe is in slow decay, with energy and resources becoming less available. Humans have a role to play, in doing more with ever less, to balance our the entropy around us. That’s where innovation consulting from inov8 comes in. Let’s say you’re in a competitive industry, with each player doing the same thing, the same way, and producing the same level of customer satisfaction. Innovation can disrupt this level playing field, giving you the advantage in marketing and sales.


Fresh Paradigm

Real innovation creates a paradigm shift that changes the ball game completely. Examples include the Internet and the iPhone. Maybe there’s a paradigm shift in your niche market that we can facilitate for you.

Process innovation

We use morphological and synectic analysis to discover fresh new combinations of inputs, processes and deliverables.

Deliverable innovation

We imagine idealised deliverables and an ideal world. We use cross fertilisation from other industries to inspire us.

UX-User experience innovation

Beyond your process and product is the user experience innovation. How can customers interact is a fresh new way, and create a rewarding, fun and preferable experience?

Approaches to creativity

Want to try some creativity yourself?


Approaches to creativity

Want to try some creativity yourself?

Use these systems to provoke creative ideas and innovations

  • PO beyond yes and no
  • 6 thinking hats
  • Creativity mobilisation technique
  • Alex Osborne
  • Projective intelligence
  • Imagineering